June 09, 2013

Bits & Tips : How I Re-purposed my Peanut Butter Jar.

A jar of peanut butter is sort of MUST HAVE item in our kitchen.


Besides to use as spread on our toasted bread, our son loves eating peanut butter directly out of the jar with fork or spoon. Yes, as his snack! At the end of the month, there will be several pieces of empty peanut butter jars lying around in our kitchen. Being an organizing junkie, throwing them in the bin is not an option.


So, I’ve turned some of them into something like these,

P1040755 Paper-Clips-in-Jar!

They can be perfect little gift for special occasion like Teacher’s Day, no? Simply put a nice ribbon & wishing card, then voila you have a cute handmade present! It’s cheap, affordable and practical.


P1040758 They fit perfectly inside my drawer.



I really love how my Paper-Clips-in –Jar compliments my other repurposed items in the drawer.

Organizing thing is always fun, huh?

June 04, 2013

Going Green.

err..sorry for lack of updates.

Please blame the hormonal changes. Yes, I am currently carrying another baby in my womb *hurrah*


Keeping the house neat and organize are not my top priority at the moment. As long as there are clean clothes to be wear, then I am all okay. Anyway, I managed to ‘visit’ my abandoned mini garden at our backyard last weekend. To my surprise, most of my plants are at the stage of “nyawa-nyawa ikan”. They are almost down kissing the ground. hurrmmmm… ‘thanks’ to Cfu (the husband) who taking over my job as temporary gardener while I was ‘away’ to deal with my early trimester sickness T______T


Well, there are saying goes, let bygone be bygone.

So….I’m moving on and adopting new green ‘pets’!


20130602_17251220130602_172441   I was delighted to find an organic nursery section in Giant hypermarket at Bandar Kinrara. Brought home a few plants; Rosemary, Mint and Laksa Leaves which well known as ‘Daun Kesum” for RM 10 per pot.


With that, our garden-improvement-plans checklist number one, DONE!

i) To grow some herbs in pots (i.e : basil, rosemary, parsley)

ii) Hang flower pots.

iii) Re-paint old containers.

iv) Revamp an old barrel that has been abandoned by our house contractor into plants container.

v)  Working on the other piece of land by the porch. 

May 19, 2013

Malaysians Organizing Bandwagon.

When I start this blog last year, I was like all alone in this ‘organizing planet’. In Malaysia to be exact. Most of my reference links coming from outside Malaysia.


Today, I am more than happy to find that I am not alone anymore.


There are lot of Malaysians out there who diagnosed with the same ‘organize-freak’ symptoms *grin*. As you can see on the right side of this blog, I’ve created links list under ‘Malaysian Inspirations’ where I put any blog/website from Malaysia who share the same interest in Organizing Thing. If you fall under the same category but still not been in the list, feel free to drop a comment and leave your web/blog URL. The more, the merrier!


image & to all my new ‘partners in crime’,

keep organizing and inspiring! Cheers! :))

April 17, 2013

Review on Kian Classic.

Just like any other new home owner, I’ve been scouring the net looking for honest review on any products or services before purchasing any. Most of the reviews mean so much to me. So, this is payback time!


I’ve bought a TV Cabinet from Kian Classic. I was lucky when stumbled upon a great offer from Groupon.my couple months before we move in. For an 8' x 6' TV Cabinet , we was quoted for 3.5K from most of local companies. Thanks to Groupon offer, we only have to pay half of the quoted price! *phewww*


Overall, we was happy with their consultation, workmanship and services.

Definitely recommended!


tv cabinet_thumb[3]

3D design after consultation.


20130129_182453_thumb12 The final outcome :))


Detail review on my experience with Kian Classic HERE.

psstttt… you will need Google Translate for further assistance.

February 18, 2013

Bits & Tips : Sweet Design 3D.

Ever dream of designing your own house like a pro?

I do.


Especially when I have to explain my ‘imaginary dream home’ to someone else and to be exact, this case referring to my co-designer; mister husband. It’s not that simple. Lot of efforts are required to translate imagination into words. People cannot easily interpret of what’s going on in your head. Like..what kind of blue-grey hue that you want..what do you mean by hacking partly of a wall...where to put this, how to hang that..yadda yadda..


Which always will end up with disappointment.


kitchen kitchen2

Until the day I met this miracle from the net!


All you need to do is download the software. Then, install it in your machine. Once installed, you can start designing by creating a new file with your house plan layout. I love the fact that we can create photo from 3D view and producing a 3D video so that you can watch your design from every angle for FREE. How cool is that, huh?


Now I have a pile of my ‘imaginary dream home’ been drawn on papers and captured in videos as well. I just showed them to the contractors, and they can have a better picture of the final outcomes that we are looking for. House renovation project has never been this easy!


Thanks to Sweet Design 3D.

Go to Sweet home 3D and start making yourself an interior designer, now!

February 13, 2013

A Flower Girl.

I've always dream of having a private garden at my own backyard.

At the moment, we only have a precious piece of land at the back and by the porch. It may not as big as what I dream of but I am more than happy to own them.

We did a right decision of not extending this space as part of kitchen like most of our neighbors did. Turns out it becomes the most favorite corner of all. Most of the plants are bought from nursery and hypermarket.

Here are some of our garden-improvement-plans in numbers :
i) To grow some herbs in pots (i.e : basil, rosemary, parsley)
ii) Hang flower pots.
iii) Re-paint old containers.
iv) Revamp an old barrel that has been abandoned by our house contractor into plants container.
v)  Working on the other piece of land by the porch. 

.....and the list goes on.

How I wish to have an enormous collection of pretty flowers in a pot,
something like this...

via www.urbangardensweb.com

Yes, always dream BIG.

January 31, 2013

Bits & Tips : Child Proof House.


If you’re a mother like me, you will know the purpose of this ‘black hand’.



They are like personal bodyguards in our home. Essential.


Living with a toddler who still at the phase of running and jumping, I have to ensure that we are providing a ‘child proof’ home. Here are some tips on childproof your home :

  1. Put corner and edge bumpers on furniture and other items to protect against injury.
  2. Install toilet locks to keep toilet lids closed. They can drown in just one inch of water!
  3. Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
  4. Keep kitchenware and appliances out of reach and away from the edge of counters and tables.
  5. Install safety latches on cabinets and drawers to keep children from potentially poisonous household products.


Read more tips at WebMD

January 15, 2013

My-So-Called Mini Garden.

I am proud to announce that I am now a gardener!

This new hobby is really therapeutic and has brought me so much of joy.


20130115_185750                 20130115_185801 20130115_185809  20130115_191058

As for beginning, I start with plants that are easy to manage and not require much attention.

Below picture from left : Pink Petunia, Purple Petunia, ‘Money Plant’ (Chinese believe that this plant will bring luck to the owner) and Hot Red Daisy.


All I need to do is to water them every other day or as needed and plucking off past flower blooms to increase blooming especially on Petunia. My heart is blooming happily each time looking at my ‘growing’ garden. Let’s pray for their health and longevity.

January 13, 2013

Weekend Project #02 : Stickers in Frames.

It is the second week after we moving in.

We have decided to work on the playroom first since it is the only space that looks ready for some quick decors.


In previous entry, we’ve done with a reading nook (Read : Weekend Project #01 Reading Nook). As for wall decor purpose, I plan to hang several pieces of educational posters until I stumbled across these awesome stuff from Tesco Extra the other day;


P1060339   11R size white frames with border, white manila paper and pretty fancy wall stickers!



Instead of sticking the stickers onto wall, I prefer to put them together in frames. Simply peel them off, stick on white manila paper, cut the paper into the frames’ size, and voila, now you have a pair of colorful posters of your own! Simple and affordable.

January 07, 2013

A Loyal & Reliable Stove Cabinet.


Heart of the house.


These are the current view of our kitchen. Bare and not-so-organized :(


As stated in previous entry (Read : I Dream of an Island) we’ve decided to have only wet kitchen instead. Yes, it turns out to be smaller but I’m kinda love it! Since we need to move in early, because we could not afford to pay for 2 house at the same time (rental house + housing loan monthly installment) we have to face with this bare kitchen, at least for a month.


I am glad that we still have that stove cabinet which we bought for our first rental house, right after we got married 5 years ago. It has been so useful, practical and reliable especially at this very critical moment. Despite of been moving from one place to another, it still stands sturdy and serves us well. Bought at a hypermarket for less than 200, I think it is a real winner!    

January 06, 2013

Weekend Project #01 : Reading Nook.

My mom once said,

“...take one step at a time...”

I’ve been practicing her advice ever since. The same goes on organizing and decorating our new crib. Therefore, I’ve plan something which will sounds like ‘a weekend, a project’. It may consist of a mini project which will only take few minutes to a big one which will involving big cash, of course!

20121231_143820 Presenting, my first and foremost project! *grin*

20121231_135309 Looks like this little fella loves his brand new reading nook !

All you need are :

IKEA picture ledge(s) – RM 39.90

IKEA wall cabinet(s)   – RM 69.00


Drilling machine

Books, soft toys or any cute knick-knack(s)


Thanks to Project Nursery for the inspirations.

January 05, 2013

Moving In.

Disaster T____________T

Alhamdulillah, it’s been a week and we survived!

err.. just the first chapter of moving into a new house, yet more chapters are coming. Cfu (the husband) rented a fully loaded 5 tan lorry which cost us 400 bucks. Still, we have to move out some stuffs using our own transport. I wonder how we managed to keep all those trash thing in an 800+ sq/ft apartment. Magic!
At the moment, we are working on re-organize and apply some basic decorating jobs. It’s a double-storey house, wayyy bigger than a place we used to live in for the past 4 years, so please expect some delays and abandon project(s). hehehehe

Stay tuned!
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