August 30, 2012

Bits & Tips : Catch-All!

Hence the name, 'catch-all' used to compile miscellaneous items throughout the house that get spread out and end up in places they should not be. There’s been a time or two that I’ve misplaced the keys would be an understatement. To have a catch-all is a MUST in almost every single room in our house. Especially at our entryway, definitely. It will save you the time (and sanity) spent looking for those frequently lost items. 

Let it be a tray, basket, container or any DIY catch-all(s).

Here are some of my inspiration of catch-all thingy.

Then I came out with my very own catch-all(s) which are affordable, easy and most importantly, can catch up clutter, too!
 Wicker baskets to 'catch' toys, books and magazines in our living hall.

 A butterfly-shaped-tray at entryway to 'catch' my husband's essential things since he prefers to have everything within his reach each time going out.

 err... a mini truck toy can be a great 'catch-all' too!

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