December 25, 2012

Reno Project : Final Stage.


As I’m typing this, we are in the middle on settling into our new home. Yeayyyy!

Each time I thought we’re done with the moving checklist, yet a lot more is coming. Too many things, too little time. Plus, to add more drama into this situation, we have to revise on latest progress payment of our renovation project. As predicted, we are at 10 % exceeding the initial budget *whoppps* and still calculating. After plenty of serious discussion, we decide to hold on certain want-versus-need things. We’ll take one step at a time and hope for the best.

December 11, 2012

Reno Project : Hunting for Lightings.

I have to admit that I was all excited when it comes to look for lightings. err... beautiful chandelier to be exact. Well, girls will be girls, right. Being typical, I always adore that pretty-with-dangling-crystal kind of chandelier. Been scouring around the net on ‘cheap lightings’ and ‘kedai lampu murah’, most of the results directed to one of famous lightings store in town; The House of Lightings which is located near to our house in Bandar Bukit Puchong. Bingo!



Most of the fancy lamps here are super cheap!

& My neck was about to ‘patah lima’ since have to hold my head up all the time :p


We bought most of the main lightings here and another store called GC Lightings in Seri Kembangan using some vouchers we had during 2012 Perfect Living Expo. Both stores provided a very good service with affordable and reasonable price. We spent less than 2K which include 30+ pcs energy saving bulbs, T5, down lights, LEDs, two chandeliers and not to forget, ceiling fans for the whole rooms and areas. Plus, GC Lightings been offering one-year warranty on their Megaman energy saving bulbs. What a bargain!

November 20, 2012

Reno Project : Glass Tiles.

Each time I look at this picture, I fall in love, over and over again! Via

I have been following the long road, looking high and low for glass tiles of my dream. Yet, cannot find the perfect one. Here in Malaysia, most suppliers doesn't have a wide range of glass tiles to choose from. I want sea glass, blue-grey hue, crystal clear and in rectangular shape, something like these;

Hari-hari tatap pun jatuh chentaaaa! Why on earth Malaysia dont have something like these huh? *pulling hair*

   This is the closest scheme that I managed to get but with mosaic pattern. The original price was RM 16.80 per sqft but the salesperson quoted me RM 15. Bought at Super Ceramic Tiles & Design; a recommended store for variety type of tiles.

November 18, 2012

Bits & Tips : Spice Jars.

Remember this entry? About storage solutions.

As promised, I've re purposed a few of empty mayonnaise, peanut butter and baby food jars in my kitchen into spice jars! I bought some nice pre-cut white stickers to label them. Simply write the spice's name on the stickers and put them together.

I just love how clear jars bring out the natural color of different type of spices. Oh so irresistible!  

How about yours?

November 13, 2012

Reno Project : The Beginning.

Yes, we are in the ‘messy’ part of a house renovation project.
err.. can you spot itu boss kicik sedang buat kerja? (-_-")

The project has been started since end of October and showing a very good progress, so far. Gather quotations, visited renovation expo, comparing prices and negotiating, arguing things with husband over some silly options and not to forget, caught with migraine when it comes to calculating budget. Been there, done that. 

Our advise to home owners who are planning for renovation?

Sit down with your spouse, have some coffee and start digging out any penny you can get! The more you get, the merrier your renovation project will be. Always keep track with your budget and current expenses because we tend to splurge more money in between the project. MS Excel and I have been a BFF (best friend forever) since then.

This is a sample of fund calculation using MS Excel.

Once you know the amount you have in hand, only then you can proceed with the project. Referring to the above sample, 50K meant to cater from renovation and furnishing. You need to look for a quotation that offer a half amount or less than your fund (i.e : half of 50K is around 25K) You have to consider spending the rest of the money for furnishing purpose. I've seen a lot beautifully renovated house which have tacky and tasteless furnishing since the owner spent TOO MUCH on renovation and left him nothing at the end of the project.

Plan your budget, wisely.

October 03, 2012

Rental Solution : Kitchen Organizing.

 Lot of friends did ask me,

"How to decorate a rental house? Its almost impossible!"

Being in their shoes, I really understand what the main problems are.

Since we're only renting someone else's house, we have to face with a particular set of challenges. Rental properties are, at best, decorated to someone else’s taste and, at worst, dingy and soulless. You’re unlikely to want to spend any significant time or money on a property that’s not your own, no?

There were days when I was kind of 'lost' to organize kitchen in our rental apartment.

It provides a small wet kitchen which functioning as a launderette as well. Since the very first day we moved, I know that I have to live with that limited-surface-and-storage kitchen for next several years until we've enough penny to own a house.

Luckily, I found this C.R.A.F.T web which guide me along the way on 'How to Decorate a Rental'. We just need to be creative. Think inexpensive, reversible and portable, and you’ll be ready to transform even the most drab rental house into a home.

I made a first move by organizing the kitchen.

Splurged some money on simple storage solutions as per attached in this picture ;

Tips : Make use of your wall space. This can make up for a shortage of cabinet or counter top space.

Too bad I don't have any 'BEFORE' picture.
Such a simple make over that makes me happy in a long run.

October 02, 2012

Let Me Take You There.

My ultimate wishlist is to have a bathroom with bath tub - a simple & small one which big enough to accommodate myself. I dream of indulging myself with hot cream bath, scented candle, instrumental music... such a perfect little 'me-time' getaway! 

Massage Bathtub (Houz Depot)

Now I need to seduce persuade my husband to squeeze in this beauty into our bathroom. heh.

September 11, 2012

I dream of an island... our tiny little kitchen!

My real concern on decorating our house is the kitchen. Sounds ridiculous for someone who is not spending much time on cooking, but I do have big crush on baking. I love making cookies and desserts, a lot! Therefore, a beautiful and practical kitchen will always be on my list.

Our initial plan is to hack the wet kitchen and extend it to backyard area. Always I believe that a house will comes with a kitchen. Not two. Two kitchens (wet and dry) sounds too 'big' for me to maintain. Here comes the idea to convert our dry kitchen area into a cosy family hall where we can hanging out watching TV while munching our favorite snacks *it will be next to wet kitchen, remember?* without messing in the living area.  

I've always been a kitchen-with-counter kind of girl. Dreaming of baking while watching AFC channel on TV, I proposed to build a counter next to the dry kitchen which will act as a space divider as well but being rejected by husband without hesitation :(

Well, he is not that mean *that's why I'm marrying him!* when he suggest to build an island instead. A small-scale island that work hard enough to offset the limited surface and storage space. I keep on 'google' for 'small kitchen with island' and the results are more than exciting!

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect ACANTHUS Architecture & Design, San Francisco, CA

Perfect lighting. Love how the wooden counter top island pop in this white kitchen.

A mobile island is such a brilliant idea for small kitchen but still, I need more space for my baking hobby.

Pretty suits with our kitchen layout except for the sinks are located by the windows.

Eclectic Kitchen design

Another option of mobile kitchen island.

I heart these!

Traditional Kitchen design by Los Angeles Interior Designer The Old Painted Cottage

 ... and this! Definitely will propose these beautiful small kitchen with island to my husband. 
Love the color scheme, layout, airy feels and of course the island!

September 04, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Got our vacant possession letter when we were still in the middle of celebrating Eid and the keys are now in our hands, Alhamdulillah :)

Just like any other new house owner, I spent hours doing research on home decor ideas. I have to admit that it was fun but overwhelming at the same time! Not to mention, my dark circles are getting darker due to spending too much time in front of PC and tablet (-_-")

Hence I noticed that I tend to feast my eyes on modern, minimalist, clean cut decor. Keep on saving lot of pictures from Ikea catalog since they provide the most relevant style with my interests. Now you can imagine how my house decor will looks like, huh?

The house looks huge from the outside because it comes with large porch *which my husband love so much for its concrete stamping design* but the interior layout are still as same as the other standard 2-storey house in Malaysia. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a store and tiny space next to the porch where we plan to plant a mini garden there. You can find living and dining area when you first step into this house. Then follows by a dry and wet kitchens plus a launderette. Yes, nothing fancy.

We cannot thank enough to God who helps firmed our decision to buy this house last 2 years. Otherwise, we could not afford this since the price has rocketed to 500 K! 

With good location, reachable facilities and highways and friendly neighborhood, we could not complaint much but only pray for the best and wishing many luck in returns. Amin.

August 30, 2012

Bits & Tips : Catch-All!

Hence the name, 'catch-all' used to compile miscellaneous items throughout the house that get spread out and end up in places they should not be. There’s been a time or two that I’ve misplaced the keys would be an understatement. To have a catch-all is a MUST in almost every single room in our house. Especially at our entryway, definitely. It will save you the time (and sanity) spent looking for those frequently lost items. 

Let it be a tray, basket, container or any DIY catch-all(s).

Here are some of my inspiration of catch-all thingy.

Then I came out with my very own catch-all(s) which are affordable, easy and most importantly, can catch up clutter, too!
 Wicker baskets to 'catch' toys, books and magazines in our living hall.

 A butterfly-shaped-tray at entryway to 'catch' my husband's essential things since he prefers to have everything within his reach each time going out.

 err... a mini truck toy can be a great 'catch-all' too!

March 31, 2012

Retro Red Kitchen.

Even though I am an avid red lover, but I was a bit reluctant to furnish my kitchen with red cabinets. I am afraid that the strong color will overwhelmed the whole look. Until I stumbled across these photo at Tulane Rehab - I am about to change my mind.

The color scheme; really blows my mind. It screams pure retro, but looks fresh to the modern eye. The other details have the same classic-but-current vibe; the white goods, gorgeous original sink, and cheerful patterned curtains. The fact that this space is flooded with light is the icing on the cake.

This cute vintage stove is my most favorite!
Another add on to my wishlist.

Wanna have a peek on 'before' photo of this charm and whimsey retro kitchen?
The owner seriously did an amazing renovation and decorating job.
Beleive it.

February 24, 2012

Bits & Tips : Jewellery and Accessories.

When it comes to organise jewellery and small stuffs like brooches or my teeny weeny hijab's accessories, I'll opt for a container with lid. Since having an active toddler who loves to throw out anything reachable within his hands, I need to keep my accessories which may be hazardous to kids in a secure place.

I did found some interesting organizing tips for jewellery.

Find your ice cube trays a new filling.
Inexpensive, easy to find and useful in so many ways.

Another creative way to show off your jewellery. The different type and colours of small porcelains brings some excitement into the drawer.

After checking out other organizers' idea, I settled on a multi purpose containers that I found at a local hypermarket in fishing section. I repurposed this faux baits and blades container into accessories box.

It comes with an attached clear lid. Plus, I love the fact that it is made out of plastic material; make it more child-friendly.

More ideas on jazzing up jewellery storage here.

February 20, 2012

Family Photo Wall.

I never get tired over a family photo wall that will grow over time as a family does. This kind of feature wall is timeless. Plus, it is wayyyy cheaper, easy and sort of sentimental too.

February 15, 2012

Cabinet-less Kitchen?

Yes, it is possible when you're very good at organizing.

You don't need any fancy high maintenance kitchen cabinet or extra storages. All you need is a little help from basic kitchen solutions such as shelves, containers, holders and wired racks that only cost you a few bucks. Plus, some creativity to put things on the right places and play with hint of colours.

Love the clean cut and fresh look.
Such a bright and happy place to be in. Envy the sunshine too!

Living with two 'montsers' who thought messing up as their happy things, doubt that I can have a cabinet-less kitchen. Will 100% rely on a cabinet with huge storage to hide out everyday mess.

February 10, 2012

Simple Solutions.

Been feasting my eyes on kitchen cabinet these recent days. I just cannot keep my eyes off the wide range of storage solutions to organize kitchen appliances and utensils. I am really amazed on how small thing as simple as a cutlery holder will brings magic into our kitchen.

The primary key is; to keep organized.

I have a few of empty mayonnaise, peanut butter and baby food jars in my kitchen. I washed and put them way back in the cabinet, far enough from my husband's sight who will happily throw them into dustbin without seeing any potential of these little things. My intention is to make them as spice jars. Better if manage to put on some nice labels like this;

Images : Google

Let's see if I can pull it off.

Seriously need some time to get back on track of "Organizing Thing".

January 31, 2012

Pop of Colour.

What not to love with a tier of colourful towels rolled up together.

Overwhelmed by the minimalist concept idea, I tend to buy things in monotones with the same texture; hoping for synchronization in overall looks. End up, the whole picture will not turn out as what I hope for. It was like missing the 'wow' factor. Frustrated by that, I did some research on 'Minimalist Home Decor' and found an interesting fact.

Add a little pop of colour in any area of your house. For example, use a brick red throw on a black leather sofa. For instance, it will freshen up the looks of your living room and spice up the mood. If bright hues aren’t your thing, try out gray shams and sheets speckled with soft lilac.

Images : Google

Amazingly, this small elements add drama to a room and the entire house!

January 27, 2012

Bits & Tips : Charming Side of an Empty Bottle.

As a big fan of soy sauce, there's always a big bottle of it in my cupboard.

I rarely throw an empty soy sauce's bottle into wasting bin. There is something really charming about glass bottles. Old-fashioned yet modern, simple and clean. What I love most about glass bottles is that it is so incredibly easy to reuse and repurpose them.

All you need to do before reusing them is to wash them in hot, soapy water. Scrub off any stickers or labels and voila, you have lovely, glass bottle to use any way you’d like. If you’d like, you can stick left over bits of wrapping paper or applying any decoupage technique.

Using soy sauce bottle as a flower vase is a clever way to repurpose an empty bottle rather than throw it in the trash.

January 25, 2012

Simple Thing That Makes Me Happy.

I used to arrange my clothes by colour coordinated. Line up serving plates by sizes. Hanging towels by length. Only by looking at my organized drawer, will draw smile on my face and brighten up the whole day.

Since I got married, I've been swept away by the hectic life of juggling between work, being a housewife and a mom. My used-to-be-organized closet has been cramped by my husband's sweatshirt and washed out denims. There are stack of baby diaper on my dressing table. It will take nearly 10 minutes to search for our TV's remote control that lying under a mountain of laundry or if we're lucky enough, it will be found inside our son's mini truck toy.... and the list goes on.

I am not happy.

Until I stumbled across this phrase while surfing the net the other day.

Then, I decided to create this blog.

To celebrate the reunion with my long lost crush;

"Organizing Thing"
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