December 23, 2014

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.


Yes, we finally installed a mirror on the empty wall!


Initially, we planned to hang a mirror at dining area which will be a feature wall as well. Anyway, after considering few factors and some feng shui tips (husband-wife-cat-fights-included) we decided to put a mirror on an empty wall by the stairs. Turns out it was the best decision ever! It does make our home looks brighter and bigger.



Our mirror is from HEMNES series Ikea.

July 02, 2014

Blue Backsplash.

katie ridder eat in kitchen blue glass large wall tile backsplash quartz stone white countertips cabinets brushed metal pulls stainless steel appliances

Oh, I am falling in loveeeeeeee! (Source : Google)


I love the fact that this kitchen is so bright, cheerful and still feels cozy at the same time. I can spend whole day washing dishes by the window while adoring the beautiful blue backsplash.



Anyhow, I am happy with my blue-grey backsplash that I’ve been looking all over the place then. Worth it!

July 01, 2014

Weekend Project #04 :{Porch} Green Makeover.

Remember the last post about this dry and dull porch area?

As promised, we managed to do some makeover to bring this piece of land into life. Let me take you to the makeover process.



Behind every successful house project, there is a man. A gagah-perkasa-hakhogen-type to do all the ‘messy’ works while the woman being a supervisor. heh.



All you need are :

Faux / artificial grass – RM 9.00 – RM 13.00 / meter (depends on grass length)

Pebble stone tiles  – RM 10.00 / piece



Why artificial grass?

Since the area is so small and cover with concrete slab, we don’t think it worth to invest on natural grass. Most of our neighbors just cover them up with pebble stones, which means not so practical to us who living with an active toddler and a cruising baby.


Now come to the best part.




Dull and dry.




Refreshing and energized! *syok sendiri*

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