January 06, 2013

Weekend Project #01 : Reading Nook.

My mom once said,

“...take one step at a time...”

I’ve been practicing her advice ever since. The same goes on organizing and decorating our new crib. Therefore, I’ve plan something which will sounds like ‘a weekend, a project’. It may consist of a mini project which will only take few minutes to a big one which will involving big cash, of course!

20121231_143820 Presenting, my first and foremost project! *grin*

20121231_135309 Looks like this little fella loves his brand new reading nook !

All you need are :

IKEA picture ledge(s) – RM 39.90

IKEA wall cabinet(s)   – RM 69.00


Drilling machine

Books, soft toys or any cute knick-knack(s)


Thanks to Project Nursery for the inspirations.


  1. Sweet sangat.

    Tetiba je terminat pulak.

    1. Thanks! Sooo simple. Everyone can have one at home.

  2. wow!! this is so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! baru blk ikea, terasa nk pergi lagi! satu tu rm40 hek? klu nk beli 3 da rm120..ouchhhh mahalnyaaa...but this is so admirable!! sesuai utk ruang keluarga saye!! one day insyaAllah one day!! =)

    1. Kebetulan i pakai voucher RM 100 masa beli ni. So, tak terasa sangat. hehe neway, the best thing i love about this idea is the fact that it is mounted. Tak kumpul habuk & sennag nak maintain :))


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