October 03, 2012

Rental Solution : Kitchen Organizing.

 Lot of friends did ask me,

"How to decorate a rental house? Its almost impossible!"

Being in their shoes, I really understand what the main problems are.

Since we're only renting someone else's house, we have to face with a particular set of challenges. Rental properties are, at best, decorated to someone else’s taste and, at worst, dingy and soulless. You’re unlikely to want to spend any significant time or money on a property that’s not your own, no?

There were days when I was kind of 'lost' to organize kitchen in our rental apartment.

It provides a small wet kitchen which functioning as a launderette as well. Since the very first day we moved, I know that I have to live with that limited-surface-and-storage kitchen for next several years until we've enough penny to own a house.

Luckily, I found this C.R.A.F.T web which guide me along the way on 'How to Decorate a Rental'. We just need to be creative. Think inexpensive, reversible and portable, and you’ll be ready to transform even the most drab rental house into a home.

I made a first move by organizing the kitchen.

Splurged some money on simple storage solutions as per attached in this picture ;

Tips : Make use of your wall space. This can make up for a shortage of cabinet or counter top space.

Too bad I don't have any 'BEFORE' picture.
Such a simple make over that makes me happy in a long run.

October 02, 2012

Let Me Take You There.

My ultimate wishlist is to have a bathroom with bath tub - a simple & small one which big enough to accommodate myself. I dream of indulging myself with hot cream bath, scented candle, instrumental music... such a perfect little 'me-time' getaway! 

Massage Bathtub (Houz Depot)

Now I need to seduce persuade my husband to squeeze in this beauty into our bathroom. heh.
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