September 11, 2012

I dream of an island... our tiny little kitchen!

My real concern on decorating our house is the kitchen. Sounds ridiculous for someone who is not spending much time on cooking, but I do have big crush on baking. I love making cookies and desserts, a lot! Therefore, a beautiful and practical kitchen will always be on my list.

Our initial plan is to hack the wet kitchen and extend it to backyard area. Always I believe that a house will comes with a kitchen. Not two. Two kitchens (wet and dry) sounds too 'big' for me to maintain. Here comes the idea to convert our dry kitchen area into a cosy family hall where we can hanging out watching TV while munching our favorite snacks *it will be next to wet kitchen, remember?* without messing in the living area.  

I've always been a kitchen-with-counter kind of girl. Dreaming of baking while watching AFC channel on TV, I proposed to build a counter next to the dry kitchen which will act as a space divider as well but being rejected by husband without hesitation :(

Well, he is not that mean *that's why I'm marrying him!* when he suggest to build an island instead. A small-scale island that work hard enough to offset the limited surface and storage space. I keep on 'google' for 'small kitchen with island' and the results are more than exciting!

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect ACANTHUS Architecture & Design, San Francisco, CA

Perfect lighting. Love how the wooden counter top island pop in this white kitchen.

A mobile island is such a brilliant idea for small kitchen but still, I need more space for my baking hobby.

Pretty suits with our kitchen layout except for the sinks are located by the windows.

Eclectic Kitchen design

Another option of mobile kitchen island.

I heart these!

Traditional Kitchen design by Los Angeles Interior Designer The Old Painted Cottage

 ... and this! Definitely will propose these beautiful small kitchen with island to my husband. 
Love the color scheme, layout, airy feels and of course the island!

September 04, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Got our vacant possession letter when we were still in the middle of celebrating Eid and the keys are now in our hands, Alhamdulillah :)

Just like any other new house owner, I spent hours doing research on home decor ideas. I have to admit that it was fun but overwhelming at the same time! Not to mention, my dark circles are getting darker due to spending too much time in front of PC and tablet (-_-")

Hence I noticed that I tend to feast my eyes on modern, minimalist, clean cut decor. Keep on saving lot of pictures from Ikea catalog since they provide the most relevant style with my interests. Now you can imagine how my house decor will looks like, huh?

The house looks huge from the outside because it comes with large porch *which my husband love so much for its concrete stamping design* but the interior layout are still as same as the other standard 2-storey house in Malaysia. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a store and tiny space next to the porch where we plan to plant a mini garden there. You can find living and dining area when you first step into this house. Then follows by a dry and wet kitchens plus a launderette. Yes, nothing fancy.

We cannot thank enough to God who helps firmed our decision to buy this house last 2 years. Otherwise, we could not afford this since the price has rocketed to 500 K! 

With good location, reachable facilities and highways and friendly neighborhood, we could not complaint much but only pray for the best and wishing many luck in returns. Amin.

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