February 10, 2012

Simple Solutions.

Been feasting my eyes on kitchen cabinet these recent days. I just cannot keep my eyes off the wide range of storage solutions to organize kitchen appliances and utensils. I am really amazed on how small thing as simple as a cutlery holder will brings magic into our kitchen.

The primary key is; to keep organized.

I have a few of empty mayonnaise, peanut butter and baby food jars in my kitchen. I washed and put them way back in the cabinet, far enough from my husband's sight who will happily throw them into dustbin without seeing any potential of these little things. My intention is to make them as spice jars. Better if manage to put on some nice labels like this;

Images : Google

Let's see if I can pull it off.

Seriously need some time to get back on track of "Organizing Thing".


  1. ni pun aku dah buat.. nanti aku share kan link mana nak dpt template label lawa2 comel2 dan cuti2 secara free

  2. kak xea..
    yang ni really help me with all those thing yg sepah-sepah kat dapur.
    but, where to get crystal clear food container tuh??
    carefour ade jual tak? jars tu pon cam comel2 je. takde la cam bekas lain2 and cam semak mata kan? hehe.

  3. Dayu :
    Done with mine, too. Repurposed stickers as label. Easy peasy :)

  4. Fatin Nadiah :
    Obviously, u can find a lot with many option in Ikea. Or else, look at Jusco's kitchen section, they offer wide range of storage solutions too. Oh, please put my fave storage store in ur list too; it called Daiso which is like a 'paradise' for people who loves organizing!


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