February 24, 2012

Bits & Tips : Jewellery and Accessories.

When it comes to organise jewellery and small stuffs like brooches or my teeny weeny hijab's accessories, I'll opt for a container with lid. Since having an active toddler who loves to throw out anything reachable within his hands, I need to keep my accessories which may be hazardous to kids in a secure place.

I did found some interesting organizing tips for jewellery.

Find your ice cube trays a new filling.
Inexpensive, easy to find and useful in so many ways.

Another creative way to show off your jewellery. The different type and colours of small porcelains brings some excitement into the drawer.

After checking out other organizers' idea, I settled on a multi purpose containers that I found at a local hypermarket in fishing section. I repurposed this faux baits and blades container into accessories box.

It comes with an attached clear lid. Plus, I love the fact that it is made out of plastic material; make it more child-friendly.

More ideas on jazzing up jewellery storage here.

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