April 16, 2014

1st Anniversary of our Putra Impiana.


2 years has passed since I made this hand book on our home renovation project. Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete most of the projects (err.. yes, some of them has been abandoned or put on hold due to few money constrains) 


We moved in about a year ago on new year’s eve 2013 (Read : Moving In)


As remembering and celebrating the so-called 1st anniversary of living in our own house, I present to you random pictures compilation of our Putra Impiana; our humble home sweet home.



Guest Hall and Dining Hall.



Family Area.



Master Bedroom.



Play Room.








Mini Garden.


Despite of certain constraints and had to face several technical problems (ceiling leaks, wall cracks, piping problem, and so on) it feels so good to see how our home has ‘grown’ over the year *pat on the back*


When people ask, “What is the concept?”


It is ‘Mix and match’, I can say. Or more likely to ‘hentam keromo ikut suka’ concept. heh. As long as it looks homey, cosy and practical for us, we are all fine.


My advice to new home owner, who I’m sure was over excited (like I was) to work on home project but have LIMITED budget and time, pleaseeeee take one step, at a time. Delegate the tasks/projects into small ‘portions’ as weekly or monthly projects. Take time to plan, plot timelines, do some savings, make lot of surveys and researches. It is better do small feasible things (slowly but surely) rather than to immediately work on something big that you will regret later.   


As for now, my eyes go to this area...





The Porch

This dry and dull area need some serious ‘make over’!

Poooff! *waving my magic wand* - I wish.


  1. kemasnya xea...

    btl it takes ages to complete the whole house! (unless $$$ banyak...benci betul showhouse sume dok tnjuk cantik2, pdhal stlh dh lalui susahpayah beli rumah barulah tahu nk complete cantik giler rumah bertahun2 grr)

    1. Thanks Ryyhan! Kemasnya sehari-dua je pun, baki lagi 364 hari more tu 'tongkang pecah' look. hehe

      Yes. Makan tahun woh nak complete kan interior. Ini pun baru 20 % je kot, Banyak lagi area yang tak disentuh lagi sebab dana tak cukup. Dah kata banyak DIY kan. Kena lah buat sikit2. 10 tahun pun belum tentu complete. huu

  2. pandainya susunatur rumah...cantik sgt...sweet n sooo nice....perabot2 putih mmg sgt menaikkan seri ruang...kongsi lg byk xeea...suka coci mata cmni sambil carik idea...;))

    1. Thanks Fizah! Susunatur hentam keromo je pun. Ikut sesedap rasa. Banyak langgar prinsip deco ni.

      Perabot putih ni, nice to see, nice to hold, once dirty, consider tuan rumah 'sakit hati' stress sendiri. LOL

      Rumah tak berapa nak besar, Fizah. Tu yang banyak main natural & light palette je. Satu lagi sebab nak play safe. Senang nak mix & match dengan barang2 sedia ada.

  3. suka semuaaaaa..!! cantik2 semua area..:)


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