I used to arrange my clothes by colour coordinated. Line up serving plates by sizes. Hanging towels by length. Only by looking at my organized drawer, will draw smile on my face and brighten up the whole day.

Since I got married, I've been swept away by the hectic life of juggling between work, being a housewife and a mom. My used-to-be-organized closet has been cramped by my husband's sweatshirt and washed out denims. There are stack of baby diaper on my dressing table. It will take nearly 10 minutes to search for our TV's remote control that lying under a mountain of laundry or if we're lucky enough, it will be found inside our son's mini truck toy.... and the list goes on.

I am not happy.

Until I stumbled across this phrase while surfing the net the other day.

Then, I decided to create this blog.

To celebrate the reunion with my long lost crush;

"Organizing Thing"

Simple Things That Makes Me Happy :))
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