January 07, 2013

A Loyal & Reliable Stove Cabinet.


Heart of the house.


These are the current view of our kitchen. Bare and not-so-organized :(


As stated in previous entry (Read : I Dream of an Island) we’ve decided to have only wet kitchen instead. Yes, it turns out to be smaller but I’m kinda love it! Since we need to move in early, because we could not afford to pay for 2 house at the same time (rental house + housing loan monthly installment) we have to face with this bare kitchen, at least for a month.


I am glad that we still have that stove cabinet which we bought for our first rental house, right after we got married 5 years ago. It has been so useful, practical and reliable especially at this very critical moment. Despite of been moving from one place to another, it still stands sturdy and serves us well. Bought at a hypermarket for less than 200, I think it is a real winner!    

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