January 13, 2013

Weekend Project #02 : Stickers in Frames.

It is the second week after we moving in.

We have decided to work on the playroom first since it is the only space that looks ready for some quick decors.


In previous entry, we’ve done with a reading nook (Read : Weekend Project #01 Reading Nook). As for wall decor purpose, I plan to hang several pieces of educational posters until I stumbled across these awesome stuff from Tesco Extra the other day;


P1060339   11R size white frames with border, white manila paper and pretty fancy wall stickers!



Instead of sticking the stickers onto wall, I prefer to put them together in frames. Simply peel them off, stick on white manila paper, cut the paper into the frames’ size, and voila, now you have a pair of colorful posters of your own! Simple and affordable.


  1. What a clever idea..i like

    1. Thank you! U can have one too!

    2. it looks cool.. such a brilliant idea..

  2. Great...love ur creative idea...hihi bleh apply nnt...boleh ltk kt my kids room nnt;)

  3. Great...love ur creative idea...bleh apply this kt mh kids room...


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