January 15, 2013

My-So-Called Mini Garden.

I am proud to announce that I am now a gardener!

This new hobby is really therapeutic and has brought me so much of joy.


20130115_185750                 20130115_185801 20130115_185809  20130115_191058

As for beginning, I start with plants that are easy to manage and not require much attention.

Below picture from left : Pink Petunia, Purple Petunia, ‘Money Plant’ (Chinese believe that this plant will bring luck to the owner) and Hot Red Daisy.


All I need to do is to water them every other day or as needed and plucking off past flower blooms to increase blooming especially on Petunia. My heart is blooming happily each time looking at my ‘growing’ garden. Let’s pray for their health and longevity.


  1. cantik la..
    rasa semangat nak tanam bunga , tengok ur mini garden thou sy dah berangan nak ada taman kecik kt rmh since 3 yrs ago..n yet satu benda pun tk jadi

    1. I am still a beginner. Cuba nak berbudi dengan tanah.

      Wish me luck! :))

  2. I just found out one blog...ada certain post can apply to home as well..sesuai kot dengan u..
    http://deliciouslyorganized.blogspot.com .. happy organized yer..

    1. Owh Honey Bee, you're so sweet! Thanx for the recommendation. Definitely will go into my blog list.


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