February 13, 2013

A Flower Girl.

I've always dream of having a private garden at my own backyard.

At the moment, we only have a precious piece of land at the back and by the porch. It may not as big as what I dream of but I am more than happy to own them.

We did a right decision of not extending this space as part of kitchen like most of our neighbors did. Turns out it becomes the most favorite corner of all. Most of the plants are bought from nursery and hypermarket.

Here are some of our garden-improvement-plans in numbers :
i) To grow some herbs in pots (i.e : basil, rosemary, parsley)
ii) Hang flower pots.
iii) Re-paint old containers.
iv) Revamp an old barrel that has been abandoned by our house contractor into plants container.
v)  Working on the other piece of land by the porch. 

.....and the list goes on.

How I wish to have an enormous collection of pretty flowers in a pot,
something like this...

via www.urbangardensweb.com

Yes, always dream BIG.

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