December 11, 2012

Reno Project : Hunting for Lightings.

I have to admit that I was all excited when it comes to look for lightings. err... beautiful chandelier to be exact. Well, girls will be girls, right. Being typical, I always adore that pretty-with-dangling-crystal kind of chandelier. Been scouring around the net on ‘cheap lightings’ and ‘kedai lampu murah’, most of the results directed to one of famous lightings store in town; The House of Lightings which is located near to our house in Bandar Bukit Puchong. Bingo!



Most of the fancy lamps here are super cheap!

& My neck was about to ‘patah lima’ since have to hold my head up all the time :p


We bought most of the main lightings here and another store called GC Lightings in Seri Kembangan using some vouchers we had during 2012 Perfect Living Expo. Both stores provided a very good service with affordable and reasonable price. We spent less than 2K which include 30+ pcs energy saving bulbs, T5, down lights, LEDs, two chandeliers and not to forget, ceiling fans for the whole rooms and areas. Plus, GC Lightings been offering one-year warranty on their Megaman energy saving bulbs. What a bargain!


  1. really love your posts ! felt your excitement in every sentence ! may i ask, where did you guys buy the house ? and i have a problem, do you think you could advise me on how to re-organize/refurbish a small kitchen which has not been utilized for so so soooo long (seldom cook) ? i'm getting married and i'm helping the in laws to clean up the kitchen...

    1. Hey Stella! Thanx for reading.

      It's Putra Impiana in Bandar Bukit Puchong. Next to LDP Putrajaya exit to be exact.

      errr... am not a Kitchen ID nor a good adviser. I just doing what I love the most; which is obviously to organize & organize :) Anyway, as for my opinion, firstly, I will get rid any things in the kitchen that will 'scream' drab/old/broken. Then, try to re-organize by categorizing things and make use of containers & wall spaces. If you have extra budget, u can go for new backsplash, curtain, cabinet doors/handle, floor mat & put some nice decor like flowers or knick-knacks. These are small things which will bring 'big' impact to your space.

      & you can always go to for inspirations on how to organize & decorate small spaces. Good luck!


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