November 13, 2012

Reno Project : The Beginning.

Yes, we are in the ‘messy’ part of a house renovation project.
err.. can you spot itu boss kicik sedang buat kerja? (-_-")

The project has been started since end of October and showing a very good progress, so far. Gather quotations, visited renovation expo, comparing prices and negotiating, arguing things with husband over some silly options and not to forget, caught with migraine when it comes to calculating budget. Been there, done that. 

Our advise to home owners who are planning for renovation?

Sit down with your spouse, have some coffee and start digging out any penny you can get! The more you get, the merrier your renovation project will be. Always keep track with your budget and current expenses because we tend to splurge more money in between the project. MS Excel and I have been a BFF (best friend forever) since then.

This is a sample of fund calculation using MS Excel.

Once you know the amount you have in hand, only then you can proceed with the project. Referring to the above sample, 50K meant to cater from renovation and furnishing. You need to look for a quotation that offer a half amount or less than your fund (i.e : half of 50K is around 25K) You have to consider spending the rest of the money for furnishing purpose. I've seen a lot beautifully renovated house which have tacky and tasteless furnishing since the owner spent TOO MUCH on renovation and left him nothing at the end of the project.

Plan your budget, wisely.

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