April 02, 2014

Inside-The-Fridge Revolution.

I was upset to find that I missed lots of organizing monthly challenge at Susun Atur Sioca *cry me a river* I was on hibernation mode then (blame the pregnancy hormones) and overwhelmed with daily chores. Most of my blogs was neglected during that period, including this one.


errr.. sorry baby blogs.


To recover my mood, I went to my happy place (the kitchen) to do some happy things (obviously; ORGANIZING THING!)


I opened the fridge, and start re-organized the above section (freezer). 



This is how my freezer looks like on daily basis. We rarely stock up our freezer recently, because I need some space to keep my precious frozen EBM for my 5 months old baby girl. 



I start with transferring the chicken fillets, meats, fishes and mix vegetables from containers/tupperware into this disposable zip lock plastic bags by small portions. You can get them from any hypermarket with several choices of brand. I love the fact that it is transparent, so I do not have to label each of them. I will exactly know what’s inside at a glance. & the best of all, they are space-saving too!




After a few transferring process, arrangements here and there, I am satisfied with the final outcome. I think I can live with this new ‘inside-the-freezer’ layout for couple years. Up until I ‘graduated’ my exclusively breastfeeding course for two years. InsyaAllah.


Layout description :

Above (from right) – 2 trays of Frozen EBMs (stored in breast milk storage bags), Ice Cubes Containers

Below (from right) – A box of meats & poultry (stored in zip lock bags), homemade frozen ready-to-eat pastas (stored in small portion of disposable foil trays), meat & fish balls, frozen drummets & nuggets.

Side Pocket (above) – Medela Ice packs

Side Pocket (below) – Homemade ‘cili boh’


Now I can smile all day longggg just by looking inside my fridge *grin*

Organizing thing really makes me happy!


  1. The Susun Atur Sioca Ruang Keluarga challenge until April..
    I pun salah tengok hari tu.
    Means you still have time.

    1. maceh mamalynd...;)

      btw xeea...kaedah storage u sgt admirable la...mana beli smua tu dear? suka tgk bekas2 tu semua dan sgt efektif dan kemas...gud sharing...!

    2. Mama Lynd :
      owhhhhhhh sitll have chance lah ni! Will try. Thanks!

      Fizah :
      Trays are from MR D.I.Y while bekas yang tinggi2 tu from Daiso. Box to keep meats & poultry to dapat percuma beli nasik arab kat Saba'. hehe

  2. nak tau gak storage tu beli mane

    1. Most of them from Daiso & MR D.I.Y

  3. genius...nak gigih jugak macam u..

    1. hahahaha ai jadik gigih time upset or sedih je. Biasanya, tak berapa nak gigih.


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