June 04, 2013

Going Green.

err..sorry for lack of updates.

Please blame the hormonal changes. Yes, I am currently carrying another baby in my womb *hurrah*


Keeping the house neat and organize are not my top priority at the moment. As long as there are clean clothes to be wear, then I am all okay. Anyway, I managed to ‘visit’ my abandoned mini garden at our backyard last weekend. To my surprise, most of my plants are at the stage of “nyawa-nyawa ikan”. They are almost down kissing the ground. hurrmmmm… ‘thanks’ to Cfu (the husband) who taking over my job as temporary gardener while I was ‘away’ to deal with my early trimester sickness T______T


Well, there are saying goes, let bygone be bygone.

So….I’m moving on and adopting new green ‘pets’!


20130602_17251220130602_172441   I was delighted to find an organic nursery section in Giant hypermarket at Bandar Kinrara. Brought home a few plants; Rosemary, Mint and Laksa Leaves which well known as ‘Daun Kesum” for RM 10 per pot.


With that, our garden-improvement-plans checklist number one, DONE!

i) To grow some herbs in pots (i.e : basil, rosemary, parsley)

ii) Hang flower pots.

iii) Re-paint old containers.

iv) Revamp an old barrel that has been abandoned by our house contractor into plants container.

v)  Working on the other piece of land by the porch. 


  1. wahhhooo..thanks for the info!! really want to find that rosemary plant since nk buat pewangi at home sendiri...lemon dah beli but couldn't find any rosemary at that moment...harus terjah giant!! =)

    1. Nak buat pewangi? wahhhhhhhh resipi plisss.

    2. xeea, it's sumthing like this that i really want to try!!


      mesti wanggiiiii....

    3. Dah buat nanti share, tau. Curious nak tau mcm mana bau dia.

  2. bestnye ada pokok mint tu.. leh buat air tetiap hari.. so refreshing.

    1. Mmg purposedly utk buat air tetiap hari pun. I put lemon + honey + mint. Fresh sangat! tp bila simpan sampai petang, daun mint tu mcm layu, so tak berapa selera nak minum lah :p

  3. Tahniah... :D :D

    wow.. love the greens... Giant ke? will check it out! :D


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