March 31, 2012

Retro Red Kitchen.

Even though I am an avid red lover, but I was a bit reluctant to furnish my kitchen with red cabinets. I am afraid that the strong color will overwhelmed the whole look. Until I stumbled across these photo at Tulane Rehab - I am about to change my mind.

The color scheme; really blows my mind. It screams pure retro, but looks fresh to the modern eye. The other details have the same classic-but-current vibe; the white goods, gorgeous original sink, and cheerful patterned curtains. The fact that this space is flooded with light is the icing on the cake.

This cute vintage stove is my most favorite!
Another add on to my wishlist.

Wanna have a peek on 'before' photo of this charm and whimsey retro kitchen?
The owner seriously did an amazing renovation and decorating job.
Beleive it.

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