January 31, 2012

Pop of Colour.

What not to love with a tier of colourful towels rolled up together.

Overwhelmed by the minimalist concept idea, I tend to buy things in monotones with the same texture; hoping for synchronization in overall looks. End up, the whole picture will not turn out as what I hope for. It was like missing the 'wow' factor. Frustrated by that, I did some research on 'Minimalist Home Decor' and found an interesting fact.

Add a little pop of colour in any area of your house. For example, use a brick red throw on a black leather sofa. For instance, it will freshen up the looks of your living room and spice up the mood. If bright hues aren’t your thing, try out gray shams and sheets speckled with soft lilac.

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Amazingly, this small elements add drama to a room and the entire house!

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