February 15, 2012

Cabinet-less Kitchen?

Yes, it is possible when you're very good at organizing.

You don't need any fancy high maintenance kitchen cabinet or extra storages. All you need is a little help from basic kitchen solutions such as shelves, containers, holders and wired racks that only cost you a few bucks. Plus, some creativity to put things on the right places and play with hint of colours.

Love the clean cut and fresh look.
Such a bright and happy place to be in. Envy the sunshine too!

Living with two 'montsers' who thought messing up as their happy things, doubt that I can have a cabinet-less kitchen. Will 100% rely on a cabinet with huge storage to hide out everyday mess.


  1. i also tak boleh ada cabinet less mcm nie..sebab my husband jenis suka mess brg at kitchen. so sakit mata pulak nanti bila tgk. My little daughter plak suka main perkakas dapur, so really need huge cabinet...but like the idea..

    1. At the moment, i mmg applying the same approach sbb blom install cabinet lg. Tapi mmg nak kena rajin maintain la sbb the mess are visible, kan.

    2. i pun sama gak..sebab umah sewa kecik n tak kan nak install cabinet..i mmg susah nak nak maintain kekemasan sbb my daughter sgt lah suka pick up thing at dapur...dah 2 benda kaca pecah..tak sabar nak masuk rumah sendiri...


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